Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Timeline 4: 24 Days Wife to Be

31 October 2012.

Dearest Self,
Today, make the day becomes twenty four days you will be wife to be. Myself, im so happy that my dreams will be reality. Indeed my truly heart, im so nervous to take all these responsibilty and trust given to me as a "wife" after this.

Alhamdulillah, everything goes well and fine likes it should be. Just sometimes we are like always, arguing. But this make us more close to each other and more understanding. Myself, im so glad to have this "man" as my sole-mate.

Keep counting the days that im waiting for. Hopefully the times will coming sooner. All preparation has been made for the reception. Myself, now you just have to prepared your mind, mentality and important part of yourself, is Soul to move on the next step of life.

Lastly, thankful to Allah to give me all of this happiest moment in my life. and i pray to Allah to blessing our relationship and keep our mate till the end. And thanks to who supporting us till now especially my family. XOXO